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Newsletter - Current Jul 27, 2017
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Rotary Club of Villa Park Newsletter

National Night Out - August 1st 6-8pm

Chinese Human Rights

Opening Ceremonies:

Invocation: Eric Sense

Pledge of Allegiance: Mark Schmidt

Rotary Four Way Test: Chad Zimmerman

Song : "I've Been Working on the Railroad" Teri Elmendorf

Greeter: Robert Shumate

Secret Greeter:Jay Applebaum

Sgt At Arms: Dale Dagley




Dr. Wen Chen

Don Ware- filling out application as we speak

Welcome back- Millie Alexander-  moving to Flagstaff, AZ

                          Henry Morales



Linda Bartrom- returned from her trip to Rome, Istanbul and Greece- brought back a banner from the Rhodes, Greece Rotary Club

            School starts August 23rd

Bill Underwood- new Rotary Cards to pass out to prospective members- let Bill know if you need cards

           Instructions for use:  The "Ask" and the "Answer"

                   - " I would like you to be my guest and attend the Villa Park Rotary Club's breakfast meeting next week with me. We have a program that you might find

                       interesting and fun"

                  - What's Rotary?

                     1. A leadership service organization

                      2. Of local business, professional, academic and civic leaders

                      3. That is able to get things done in the community and internationally to help others,

                      4. while having fun doing it.

                    Will you join me Thursday morning for breakfast at Villa Park's City Hall as my guest?  A great way to start the day    

            Harry Sidhu is transferring to the Anaheim Hills Rotary Club- he is running for mayor of Anaheim

John Valentine- Community Service Chair-- cookie bakers needed for the National Night Out on August 1st.

             Meeting tonight at John's home for Community Service- 9571 Lemon Street 7pm

 Margaret Lawson- Donations for the Palapa Society Science Lab Supplies-

               to make a donation Margaret's name:  http://donate.icfdn.org/#palapa-building- fund




Meg Rothi- birthday tomorrow send her a birthday greeting on Facebook or Twitter.

Greg & Andie Mills celebrated 23 yrs of marriage on Sunday with dinner at the Gulfstream Restaurant.

Jay & Gail Lieberman will celebrate an anniversary on Sunday

Bryan & Lorie Nash will celebrate an anniversary Monday



Happy Bucks:

Bill & Mary Campbell will be celebrating 50 years of marriage in August.

Don Ware is happy to be here.

Chad Zimmerman did today's meeting presentation at 3am.

Teri Elmendorf- applauded the Spartan Football Team and the players who are getting offers from colleges.

Greg Mills was happy to see the newer football players this morning and is very proud of his daughter Abbie who will be the section leader for the high winds

         in the Villa Park Marching Band.

Mark Schmidt warned everyone to be wary of his 16 year old son who passed his driving test.

Ken Caplin - is bionic with his new pacemaker.

Harry Sidhu is happy to be running for mayor of Anaheim, but sad to be transferring to the Anaheim Hills Club.

Millie Alexander is moving to Flagstaff, Arizona.

Robert Shumate is happy his branch of Wells Fargo is getting a remodel and technology upgrade.


Speaker: Dr. Wen Chen Ph.D

Chinese Human Rights

Dr. Chen grew up in Communist China and came to the United States in 1994 for graduate school in Biology at Cal Tech.  Upon arrival, she felt that she had been

brain washed by the communist government, believing that the Tienanmen Square was a student uprising that killed thousands of Chinese soldiers rather than what she later found to be the truth.   She went on to earn her Ph.D in biology in 2000 and currently works for Caltech as an associate Biologist.  She became a US Citizen 3 years ago. She is also an active member of Amnesty International  and her focus is on human rights issues in China. She spoke in particular about how the Chinese Government is discriminating against people who practice Falun Gong, of meditation and yoga.  She feels because it encourages independent thought and was practiced by millions of Chinese people.  These people were arrested and sent to labor camps and what's worse was they became a source of organs for transplantation.   Apparently it is common knowledge that organs like hearts, livers, kidneys and corneas are readily available for the right price.  Other nations are making laws to restrict using Chinese body parts, however the Chinese Government is having significant influence over our law makers and is buying up movie theaters and movie production companies to spread lies.Several books have been written on the subject: The Bloody Harvest, The Slaughter and a film called Human Harvest.   To learn more contact the website: www.theepochtimes.com.

Dr Wen Chen and Chad Zimmerman