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Newsletter - Current Jan 11, 2018
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Rotary Club of Villa Park Newsletter

John Jackson- Cal State Fullerton's Entrepreneurship Program

Holiday Party Next Thursday 6pm Chef's Catering

Opening Ceremonies:

Invocation: Greg Mills

Pledge of Allegiance: Linda Bartrom

Rotary Four Way Test: Marc Hurd

Song : " Four Leaf Clover" - Teri Elmendorf

Greeter: Robbie Pitts

Secret Greeter: Dan Gray

Sgt At Arms: Dale Dagley




Brian Clark

John Jackson- Cal State Fullerton


Mike Brunhober- Caborca Polio Trip- Feb 23-25- fully booked

Bill Underwood- Membership -keep inviting people to come check out Rotary

    Dan Gray- Fireside Chat- Tuesday evening 2/13 at the home of Lesslie Giacobbi-

        come learn more about Rotary and how to get involved-

Robert Shumate- Vocational Service- we're planning our visits to local schools- dates to be announced

John Broussard- Ronald McDonald House- Thank you to all the meal planners.  John read a thank you note for the dinner on Christmas Eve-Thanking Steve Stern,

         Lainey Stern, daughter Julie and grandson Justin, Jay & Terry Applebaum, Ken Caplin and Chad Zimmerman.

Dr. Ken Miller- VPHS Principal-  The school is getting all the documents in line for WASC certification and visit. 

     Sports Teams are doing well; Boy's Basketball struggling a bit at 6 & 8,Girl's Basketball - a freshman shot a record 9 3 point shots in one game; Girl's water polo,

     wrestling teams, soccer teams are doing well.  Band and the music programs are going strong.


Raffle: Robbie Pitts drew an ace




Clarinel Stamos is celebrating her birthday tomorrow. Milt's taking her out to dinner next Thursday.

John Valentine- celebrates 79 on Sunday.



Happy Bucks:

Chad Zimmerman- 1. Thanked Pam Dunn for running last week's meeting.

                                 2. Ski'd at Jackson Hole and had a blast

                                 3. Was thrilled to see Elliott Brender mentioned in the OC Register for his recent trip to Cambodia.

                                 4. Celebrated his birthday with a number of fun family activities- bowling, movies, laser tag.

                                 5.  Spoke with city officials about building a chicken coop.

Robbie Pitts- really enjoyed doing his craft talk last week and getting an opportunity to think about his early years.

                       Sunday his son, grandson and son's wife took off for Spain for 6 months to study at the university in Bilboa and travel about Europe.

Teri Elmendorf- helped her mom celebrate 89 years.  

Marsha Leeg- spent the holidays in Florida.

Eric Sense- Hosting a Class on Spinal Care next Tuesday January 16th at 6pm in his office.

Jay Applebaum- attended the wedding of his daughter Nicole to Louis Miller on Saturday in Houston, Texas.  The scheduled officiant had the flu and his son-in-law stepped

        in to do the ceremony.   Leading his wife to say "my husband married my sister."    All good time was had by all.

Brian Clark- celebrated his birthday last Tuesday.

Marc Hurd- is just happy.

       - Gala Planning Committee Meeting next Tuesday, January 16th following the Rotary Board Meeting at city hall- about 7:30pm



Speaker:  John Jackson

Mihaylo College of Business and Economics

Center for Entrepreneurship


Cal State Fullerton currently has an enrollment of 40,000 students; 10,000 attend the Mihaylo College at 2 campuses in Fullerton and Irvine.  43% of the student body is

hispanic and 56% are the first in their family to attend college.  The Entrepreneurship Major has about 200 students, most of whom want to start their own business.

The school uses what he termed the applied learning model, where students leave the campus and get experience in the field.  The students work in teams of 5-6  and

work at a local company with a mentor. Al Verkuylen has served as a mentor and discussed his experiences.  One of the teams he worked with helped develoop a marketing plan for a  local start-up a brewery and another helped develop a plan to buy school text books directly.   The program needs volunteers to help mentor or give

lectures to the students.  They also need client businesses and hope to find about 40 businesses that need consultants to do market research and other functions.  If you know of  a company that would like to participate contact Mrs Charlesetta Medina at cymedina@FULLERTON. EDU.  There is a  small fee to provide services.  

In  2015 John helped establish an Incubator - an offsite facility that can provide services to new companies.  It was so successful a second facility is opening this year in

Irvine.  This second facility hopes to marry science, engineering and business.  The cost for companies to use the Incubator services is $5000 for which you get a full

semesters worth of marketing research to help your company compete and succeed.  The program is in need of:   Speakers, Mentors( about 80) , consulting clients, Startup

sponsors, Corporate sponsors and board members.  The program sponsors a  Fast Pitch Contest that has over 600 participants from local colleges, high schools and middle schools.  There are also investment opportunities, where individual can invest in start-ups, called Titan Angels Funds.  The minimum investment is $5000.

Many of our members have gone on to serve as mentors for the program.



 VP Rotary Annual Holiday Party- Next Thursday Night - 6pm Chef's Catering- 1840 N. Tustin St. Orange

  There will be a regular meeting in the am with guest speaker Bruce Whitaker

Calender of Upcoming Events:

Next Board Meeting 1/16 - VP City Hall Board Room  5:30 - 7pm/ Gala Planning Committee Meeting to follow.

1/25 speaker Carol Carlson

2/13- Fireside Chat- home of Lesslie Giacobbi- more info to follow