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Newsletter - Archive Mar 27, 2014
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Rotary Club of Villa Park Newsletter

A  Century of Rotary Unabridged

Villa Park High Future Planning Meeting Tonight


Opening Ceremonies:

Invocation:Ron Accornero

Pledge of Allegiance: Wayne Silzel

Rotary Four Way Test: Ed Carter- armed with megaphone and pom-pom

Song : "God Bless America" Teri Brooks

Greeter: Dr Linda Bartrom-Olsen

Secret Greeter: Pam Dunn

Sgt At Arms: Dale Dagley



Jim Paddock- District Govenor Elect

Wayne Johnson- Guest of Rich Freschi

Zoot Velasco- Muckenthaler Museum and today's speaker.

Luis Santos-

Jennifer Chiang


Birthdays/ Anniversaries:

Brad Reese celebrated his birthday last Saturday with family bowling and lunch at the Olive Garden.

18th Anniversary of the Villa Park Rotary Club- March 26


Charter Club Members: John Broussard, Ron Accornero, Lesslie Giacobbi, Bob Kreisberg, Jill Kuli, Pam Dunn, Mark Schmidt

Induction of Luis Santos:

Sponsors: Brad Reese and Rick Barnett

Master of Ceremony: Pete Moriarty


Brad Reese, Luis Santos, Rick Barnett, Bob Kriesberg, Pete Moriarty.



Marianne Koepnick- received a message from Jason Mefford, who is currently in Ghana.

           He has been traveling the world, but has not forgotten his VP Rotary roots.

            He sends his regards and will visit when he is back in the area.

          - Don't forget to bring in your old batteries for the Cub Scout Battery Drive

          - Project Skyview - there will be a special ceremony on April 11th to present

              the school with a new barbeque, internet services and filling their hygiene pantry.

              To mark the occasion there will be a picnic at 11:30

              Donations will help fill the hygiene pantry- the club is donating $200

              Marianne also thanked Jill Kuli and Bob Grandolfo for their combined efforts in

              securing the grant.  To Donate: make checks payable to Villa Park Rotary.

Jill Kuli presented the new T-shirts to the school with the motto " Eagles Soaring to New Heights"

             The shirts will remain at the school and be used for group outings.

           - VPHS CIF Wrestling Champ Josh Rus was also given a $150 towards his expenses

              attending a national meet.

           - Tonight is the VPHS Future Plan presentation to the Orange Unified School Board

              we are hoping to pack the house.   The meeting will be in the school cafetorium.

              Please come and help demonstrate strong community support for the much needed

               upgrades to the school.  The meeting starts at 6PM.

Edwin Howard apologized for sending two invoices for the January - March Dues, but says

             to use the second notice for the April- June dues.    Dues are $220.  Make checks

             payable to Villa Park Rotary Club.

Wayne Silzel- reminded us about the upcoming evening at the Muckenthaler Museum.

           Date: April 24th   6:30 PM- no host bring your own wine + hors d'ouevres

                                     7:30 PM - Mark Twain Impersonator

                Price: $20/person    Please bring checks made out to : Villa Park Rotary Club.

Jim Paddock- Announced the Placentia Rotary Crab Fest- Saturday June 7th

              Beer & Wine Garden, Car show and all the crab and chicken you can eat.

               Also live Rock Band Time Flyz  -Time: 3-8 PM at Kraemer Park in Placentia.


John Broussard sent a sign-up sheet around for volunteers to help serve dinner at the Ronald

               McDonald House- July- December.

Pam Dunn- Announced the Yorba Linda Sunrise Lobsterfest is on May 16th and we're hoping to

             get 10 members to sign up for the premier seating.  $150/person.

              Includes: table service, appetizer, salads, wine and beer.

Steve Stern- Reminded us to sign up for the April 9th dinner at Mascarpone's Restaurant.

             Seating is limited to 34, so let Steve know if you are coming for this 3 course

              dinner and dessert.  $35/person.

Bill Underwood- Reminded us not to forget about the District 5320 Conference at the Temecula

              Inn on May 2nd-4th.  He is trying to arrange transportation for the Friday evening

              Hospitality Night, but encourages those who want to attend the entire conference to

              sign up on-line at the District 5320 Website.  Rooms are $179/night.

              We are co-sponsoring our hospitality suite with the Anaheim Hills Rotary Club.

Steven Pollack- Also wanted us to remember the Ronald McDonald House Walk for Kids

              on April 6th-  Sign up on-line to walk with team "Walk the Walk" and join your friends,

               neighbors and fellow rotarians on this 5 K walk that helps support the RM House.

Dr Linda Bartrom-Olsen is asking for judges to help with the Four Way Test Essay Contest.


Happy Bucks:

Rich Freschi was happy to get Wayne Johnson to come visit the club today.

             He also thanked Jay Applebaum for the weekly newsletter.

Tom Grundy is proud the Arizona Wildcat Basketball Team is playing  San Diego State

           at the Honda Center tonight in the Round of 16 -  Gabe York a graduate of Lutheran

           High is a  starter on the Arizona Team. 

Lesslie Giacobbi had 5 happy bucks to honor 5 members:

            Ron Accornero for keeping up our club Facebook Page and not telling a joke

            Bill Underwood for getting so involved and doing everything right.

            Teri Elmendorf for her amazing energy and the important role she plays in the club.

             Bob Grandolfo for being so involved and dependable.

            Marianne Koepnick for being the quintessential volunteer.

Bryan Nash received a $2000 award from the Surf City Rotary for Camp to Belong

Steven Pollack had a successful fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House last Saturday

          at the Brick.

Wayne Silzel was sorry he didn't ask Wayne Johnson to come to a meeting first, but encouraged

           him to join.  He also let us know there were programs for upcoming Muckenthaler events.


Speaker: Zoot Velasco

A Century of Rotary Unabridged

Zoot who was dressed in the manner of the Rotarians who attended the first International Conference

in Toronto Canada gave a very interesting and funny presentation about the beginning of Rotary.

He is the director of the Muckenthaler Museum and gave us a coming attraction of events that

make the museum a unique and wonderful community resource. These Include:

           April- Speakeasy Event where the password "orange juice" and $20 allows you to enter

               the Roaring 20s along with costumes and a Jazz Band

            May- Jazz Festival and Car Show

            June- Summer Solstice Event

               and many more monthly chestnuts.

      Zoot after a failed attempt at recruitment with a bad lunch and boring speaker joined the

the Rotary Club of Fullerton, where the food was good and they had a great speaker(him).

He gave us a look at the father of Paul Harris, who was always moving and dodging bill

collectors and eventually sent young Paul to live with his grandparents in Vermont.  Paul

 was a difficult child who was always getting into trouble and was a frequent truant.

His grandfather got him to stay in school long enough to graduate high school.  He attended

the University of Vermont where he was expelled,  Princeton, where he flunked out and

finally University of Iowa where he graduated and went on to get a Law Degree.

Paul then went on what Zoot termed a "5 year Plan" where he intended to see the world.

He first went to San Francisco, where he become a reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle,

then on to Denver as a reporter for that newspaper.  He went on to become an actor at a community

theatre: a cowboy who drove herds of cattle to Chicago; and to Florida where he sold grave stones.

He did so well that the owner sent him to open a new sales territory in New York and eventually the

entire Northeast and eventually to Europe.  He eventually went back to cattle and help ship

cattle from Europe to the US on ships.

       Paul came back to settle in Chicago in 1893  while the Colombian Exhibition(World's Fair)

was in full swing.  The city had gone through a renaissance with the construction of grand buildings

and came a long way from its previous reputation as a refuge for cowboys, gamblers and prostitutes..In Chicago Paul practiced Law as a  Collections Attorney who worked with deadbeats, not unlike.his father, who were dodging bills. After 5 years he was miserable and returned to Vermont, where.everyone seemed to know everyone; this planted the seed for Rotary.  On returning to Chicago he,had dinner with a law acquaintance who seemed to know all the local shop keepers, who showered him with gifts as he walked by their shops. This was just what Paul wanted, so he and 3 friends of very different religious backgrounds had the first Rotary Meeting in 1905.  The original purpose was purely for networking.  Membership was limited to one representative of each trade and the meeting places rotated, thus the name Rotary.  Membership started to grow and it wasn't until someone decided to build a public restroom("Comfort Station") in the Chicago City Hall that service became an essential part of the club.  Membership rocketed and in 1910 the first

International Club was formed in Canada.  Shortly after this singing became a regular part of the

meetings.  In 1916 the Rotary Foundation was formed with $26.50 that was left over from one of the

service projects and by 1947 over $2 million per years was given as Rotary Peace Scholarships.

The first International Meeting was held in Toronto, Canada at the King Edward Hotel and was

attended by 9000 members from 1700 clubs.  There was a secret handshake and members were

escorted into the hall by bagpipes. The official dress was a blue blazer, bow-tie and a straw hat.

The Rotary Wheel Symbol represents a cog and reminds that we all need to work together to

accomplish our goals.  Soon after the Four Way Test was adopted and in 1985 women were

admitted.  And the rest is history....